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KP Infosystems is a software research, development, and consulting company, focusing on ERP, E-Business, and Internet technologies. We make our clients comfortable by providing such professional work.

Quadra digital solutions delivered a click-through rate (CTR) of 1.08%, 4 times higher than the industry average CTR of 0.28% on mobile devices* (Sizmek data 2015). The click to conversion rate was an incredible 33.8%

Akasha Chronik Coachings

The Akasha Chronicle Services

  • Coaching and seminars can be conducted worldwide.
    Be it in person, by phone or via webinar. We care about our clients’ successes and offer additional support and follow-up sessions
  • Results : We generated 64,000+ followers and in turn, drove hundreds of new visits to the website every week.

Elmera Kosmetik

Elmera Kosmetik is a German Beauty Cnter in Bayern 

  • Millions of ad impressions are managed via our ad serving each year for RL360. By being precise with our target audience we achieve a conversion rate averaging over 7%.
  • By closely monitoring actual vs booked impressions with our B2B publications we have achieved over 100,000 free impressions each year, from 2021 to 2022.
  • By sequencing the messages we show financial advisers around the world we are ensuring that they only ever see an RL360 ad 7 times a month and that this message is changed and updated regularly.

Erfolgreiches Online Business

EOB is an online plateforme for affifliate marketing anf promotion on E-commerce and many side hustles that can help you to promote your Business

  • We received hundreds of engagements (Comments/shares/like’s) from our list of key influencers. Furthermore we could even feedback to Alexandra Rose who had interacted in name so they could follow up with a phone call the following week.
  • Our data mining efforts resulted in 3.5 times the engagement we would normally receive across a social media program.
  • Traffic to the website during the 7 days rose by over 3 times.
  • Our Google campaign shot to position 1 on AdWords and received 3 times the click through rate of the normal branded campaign.

Incruises Travel

inCruises is a travel company that allows members the opportunity to find financial opportunities through their memberships. Every month they will pay a fee which will translate to cruise credits, which is money they can use to book a trip with inCruises.

During the campaign, we achieved over 43,700 goal completions on the Visit Isle of Man website, this is a highly engaged audience as a goal on Google Analytics is considered as someone who has viewed 3+ pages on the Visit Isle of Man website, signed up to the newsletter or spent longer than one minute on the website.

The digital advertising in total served over 11.8 million impressions, so building awareness of the Isle of Man as a destination was truly accomplished.

Furthermore, we smashed through our target of views (335,000) delivering 632,558 views over 30 secs long in a combination of both the 30 & 90-sec video.

And finally, on Google, we managed to reduce our initial Cost Per Conversion down from £23.45 to only £2.72 -11 times below the travel industry benchmark (£31.81)!


MOKIT is the best ordering system I have discovered. In the restaurant, we now save on staff as we no longer need a waitress to take orders.

  • The average click-through rate for the real estate sector is 2.03%, whereas we were able to achieve an incredible 9.09% for this campaign.
  • We received over 190 contact forms submitted to the website.
  • We earned over 23,000 impressions


MOKIT is the best ordering system I have discovered. In the restaurant, we now save on staff as we no longer need a waitress to take orders.


This year we ran the businesses most successful Google and Social Media campaign ever, whereby we achieved a return on average of 4.98 for every £1 spent. Not to mention, for certain clinics the returns hit up to £47 for every pound spent.  for individual local franchises across Germany. 

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